Thematic Map: Beskydy-Kysuce Pilot Area

Thematic map Beskydy-Kysuce Pilot Area contains data for the Beskydy-Kysuce Pilot Area collected within the ConnectGREEN Project and the TRANSGREEN Project.


The Kysuce – Beskydy Pilot Area is located on the Czech-Slovak border and is a good example of the Operation and Maintenance Stage of an infrastructure project. Once the infrastructure is built, regardless of the existence of mitigation measures to improve landscape permeability, continuous monitoring is essential. Monitoring provides information on the actual use of the passage structures by animals. It is then possible to assess if the connectivity is ensured or whether more measures need to be taken to better guarantee the safety of both people and animals. New measures might need to be introduced, either in the form of small investments such as installing warning signs or repairing fencing; or through substantial interventions like building new ecoducts. The Kysuce -Beskydy Pilot Area offers examples of both of these types of measures.

Key species and ecological connectivity

This pilot area is especially known for the presence of large carnivores. There are 15 designated Sites of Community Importance (NATURA 2000 sites) for the protection of lynx, wolf and bear. This particular landscape owes its extraordinary aesthetic value to the historical coexistence humans and the mountainous ecosystem. The area is also known for its species-rich meadows and pastures, as well as its remnants of old-growth beech forests. Ecological corridors for selected specially protected large mammal species have already been identified in this area. From the connectivity perspective, there are several sections of these corridors which are crucial, and therefore it is essential to keep the transport infrastructure in these sections permeable.

Within the TRANSGREEN Project, a Catalogue of Measures for this pilot area was created and is accessible here. The data collected during the project fieldwork can be accessed here. Within the ConnectGREEN Project, the corridors in this pilot area have been identified following the Methodology accessible here.

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