The Carpathian Countries Integrated Biodiversity Information System – CCIBIS was developed in response to a need for increased information exchange on biodiversity conservation and related issues in the Carpathian region.

The active and collaborative dissemination of information, experience, and knowledge directly contributes to the quality and effectiveness of nature conservation work. CCIBIS works to provide both a scientific network for professionals and a platform for increasing awareness about nature conservation in central and eastern Europe, aimed not only at relevant stakeholders working on the topic, but members of civil society as well as anyone who has an interest in the Carpathian region.

Under the auspices of the Carpathian Convention, CCIBIS aims to be a collaborative platform for information exchange, meaning that any organisation, institution or private person is welcome to share their data and thereby support others in the planning and implementation of their projects.

A number of international and EU projects have contributed to the creation of the CCIBIS portal. To find out more about the projects and how they have contributed, please click here.

CCIBIS features two main interrelated components:

(1) A Data Catalogue, which serves as a searchable repository for spatial data and publications on the Carpathian region; and

(2) A Geoportal, which allows the user to navigate through specialised thematic maps that combine particular datasets stored in the Data Catalogue.

CCIBIS makes it possible to explore the Carpathian region and discover information about protected areas, biodiversity conservation, results from relevant past and on-going projects, and much more. The interactive platform allows users to:

(1) Visualise and navigate thematic maps of the Carpathians;

(2) Search for publications and GIS data according to their specific needs;

(3) Export datasets/publications for use in their own work; and

(4) Contribute to the platform by submitting data of their own.

Related Tools:

(1) SaveGREEN QField App: Mobile application for monitoring experts and citizen science communities alike allowing for the collection of data on structural and functional ecological connectivity. Download link for the QGIS templates: https://ccibis.priestoroveplanovanie.sk/documents/383

(2) SaveGREEN Roadkill App: Mobile application for the monitoring of road- and railkill incidents. Google Playstore download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.enveros.enverosgame2

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