The Carpathian Countries Integrated Biodiversity Information System – CCIBIS has been developed out of the need for information exchange within the area of protected areas and biodiversity. Identified by the Convention on Biological Diversity, under the Programme of Work on Protected Areas, information exchange is a main priority. The dissemination of information, experience, and knowledge is not only practical, but improves the discourse in providing effective and improved protected area and project work. The CCIBIS works to provide a scientific network for professionals and a platform of increased awareness, not only for relevant stakeholders, but members of civil society as well as anyone who has an interest in the Carpathian region.

The CCIBIS serves partners within the Carpathian Convention sharing information and building a set of data that is useful for project planning and implementation. It is an open-source website, thus any organization, institution or private person is welcome to share its data.

The CCIBIS website features a descriptive part with information on nature conservation-related topics, e. g. fauna, flora, sustainable development, etc. and geoportal including an interactive map of the Carpathians which allows the viewing of several different GIS layers that detail the multitude of data sets making up the CCIBIS database. With this tool, it is possible to explore the Carpathian region and discover information about the protected areas. Beyond locating protected areas, the map is capable of showcasing the biodiversity of the region, current infrastructure data, case studies, best practices, and much more. The map system provides multiple functions for the user as well:

  • Correlate information between categories by layering data sets (i.e. biodiversity and tourism)
  • Adjust datasets detailed on the map
  • Export maps with chosen details
  • Modify and update existing data
  • Add new data
  • Improving efficiency in protected areas by providing a platform for professionals working within these areas allows for an integrated approach that advances the needs of the areas.
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